Managed salons, getting out from behind the chair.

How do you get out from behind the chair?

If you are a salon owner who spends more time working in your business than on it you may find the business growth is slow, or alternatively has reached a ceiling point that you are finding difficult to burst through.
Getting out from behind the chair, i.e. decreasing the amount of clients you do, is easy if you do it right.

Step one: establish the minimum amount of income you currently need to bring into the salon yourself to keep it viable.

Step two: Do not take on any new clients. Go through your client list and highlight the most regular, big dollar clients you have and from now on take only these clients into your booking column, your VIP’s. Your column should be only as many hours as you need to do in order to reach your minimum income requirement.

Step three: See if there are any clients that you can palm off some of their appointment. e.g.. start giving colour to your apprentice, split the stylists up that your client experiences to get them used to the other members of your team. This is a good way to subtly pass over the clients who aren’t on your VIP list. Colour and finishing, or cutting if your specialty is colour, can all be done by different stylists with efficient use of the appointment system.

Step four: Book aside your other column hours for working on the business which entails activities such as marketing, team training, policy and procedures development, salon maintenance etc.

Step five: As you spend more time on training and marketing you will find that your average dollar spend increases and your team will be busier. If you feel you have the client numbers hire another team member. (note before hiring another member all stylists should be operating at 80% capacity most of the week.) Constantly adjust the amount of income you need to be earning to make the business viable.

Step six: Decrease your presence in the salon by working from home on your ‘management duties’ days. Put systems in place to ensure accountability for staff, a good policy and procedures manual will come with these.

Step Seven: Hire or promote a manager once the salon is no longer dependent on your income and can afford the extra wage. A good salon manager will make your salon money by converting more appointments, managing appointment flow, retail sales and stock management.

Good Luck!


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The Download Revolution – Don’t reinvent the wheel!

For a long time salon owners have had to endure hours of sales meetings, pouring through brochures and offers trying to decide which business coach or which overpriced marketing kit they should spend their precious thousands on in order to improve their business. Nexus Revolution has brought business coaching into your email in-box. With a few clicks of a mouse you can now download vital documents instantly which will help you to improve your business.


There are many advantages to downloading information directly. The first is the cost. It’s much cheaper! Companies don’t have the expense of staff, offices and time taken to come out to the salon, so we are able to provide services for a fraction of the price. The documents are in your email in box within minutes of purchase. So you can start to work on your business straight away. These are the documents that business coaches use in your salons but now you can become your own business coach with these tested documents.


The most difficult thing when trying to improve your business is knowing where to start. You can avoid staring at a blank page wondering how to write a customer service system now, because it has all been done for you. All the modules in the shop come with an implementation guide to help make sure the team training is there to back up the paperwork. You are doing it yourself, but you are also saving a huge amount of money and taking ownership over the improvements in your business. That is very important.


The documents are largely adjustable so you can personalise them for your business without having to spend hours trying to re-invent the wheel and create the documents yourself. Salon Owners and managers are busy people so you have to ask – “How much is your time worth?”


On there are heaps of useful documents, not just marketing tools but also systems and checklists that will help all aspects of your business so that you can tailor make an all round solution for your salon.


For example – Do you spend all your time marketing and never see results? The systems and tools on are used and proven by salon owners around the world, developed over years of testing and improvements.

For a great price you can get over 100 different marketing letters or a professionalised secret shopper report and measuring system. It is all very simple stuff, based on good business principles and designed specifically for the hair and beauty industry. These quality systems have been implemented in salons the world over and have been perfected over the last 15 years.


Now at the click of a button you can implement a business health check with your clients and then produce a simple graph to tell you exactly where your clients think you need to improve. You don’t need to do anything except print out the surveys and type in the results! There is a great Service Pricing Guide that will tell you what you need to charge for services to make your business profitable. This is going to revolutionise the way salons do business because you can get so much more for your dollar now. You can get really useful tools for less than the price of a cut and colour! Need a business plan? Download it with the Revolution Guide to Salon Growth. There are so many helpful documents on here it should become the first place you check before undertaking any major document construction or systems implementation in your salon.


Now, you control what you buy and when you buy it. Complete with implementation guides and ‘how to tips’ the products available and the website itself are second to none in the industry and when consistently implemented there even guaranteed to make you money! If you are keen to try doing it yourself, keen to save money and keen to make more profit then the download revolution is what you are looking for.


Visit today!


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Salon Training time

These next two weeks in our salon are traditionally a little quieter as clients drag out their hair appointment to look fresh for xmas parties etc in December. So we use this time to train, train, train the team. This is a great time to freshen up on the customer service systems, do some retail recommending training, all with the aim of getting the maximum dollars available over the xmas rush.

We recommend that if you have some gaps in your appointment book, book them out specifically for training and don’t allow any clients in their once you have done it. It is tempting to take the bookings if they come up, but never underestimate the investment power of a good team training, especially at this time of year. Stick to the training schedule and reap the benefits!

Visit our free salon business forum on facebook for great interactive salon business chats!

See you there!

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Salon Business Forum Website doing well

Well it has been a while since my last Diary of a Salon Owner, I have been a little distracted but aiming to get back on board now. The website is going well, steadily increasing and we are getting at least one hair extensions a week off it, which for a free website is pretty damn good I think! I am averaging about 75 quality views a day, and am targeting a very specific geographical demographic so think that’s not too bad for the amount of effort I am putting in. Which you can tell by the frequency of my posts is not that much!

News! We have started a salon business forum where salon owners can ask questions of salon consulating expert Iain Horne and chat to each other about the ins and outs of salon business. We are hoping to make this a real nexus for getting answers about the salon industry so please come along and join. It is a facebook page and totally free. No catches. We just want to start a chat forum where you can get real answers. Iain will be logging on once a week to answer any questions on there so if you have any issues you wouldn’t mind asking a bit of expert advice on this may be what you were looking for. The link is here.

See you on the forum!


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Discount marketing for salons

Well this blog post is an update to let you all know that we sent out our second lot of flyers around the salon neighborhood and they were a great success, seems discounting works well in our area so that’s what we will use!

We are about to put on a casual stylist to boost up our earnings in the popular hours on late nights and saturdays as these are the times where we constantly book out. Putting on another full time or part time stylist would defeat the purpose as we only need them at those busy times.

The website is doing great now we have the adwords campaign going, my bounce rate is only 2% which is a great improvement, and we have taken quite a few hair extension clients since getting organised enough to offer them! John Kasapi, our co-owner and guru stylist is a Great Lengths Hair Extension trainer for Brisbane so we have a very unique selling point there as our guy trains all the other great lengths salons how to do it right. We have been flogging this in the flyers and the website and it is gradually building momentum so that has also been a bonus.

Salon marketing! The thing we love to hate, think I’ll go in a shopping centre next time!


M (salon owner)

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Salon Owner diary – Salon Marketing Discounts

Discounts! Many marketing gurus will tell you not to do discounts as it cheapens your product and attracts the wrong kind of customer. Trouble is most people love a good discount and in our recent marketing campaign we tested a few offers and guess which one yielded the most response? You guessed it – Discounts.

So we are embracing the discount this month to see whether it pulls in any clients. The letter drop worked well and so we exapnding on that and dropping 5000 professionally printed flyers in the area with a generous discount for first time clients and information on our new hair extension services. We’ll see what happens!

My free website project is going well. Although I am now paying for google ads at a small budget of $5 per day. This is working a treat for the hair extensions and with a bit of tweaking of keywords and alot of linking up with other sites I have managed to increase the traffic on the site  per day by 950%! We are now get hundreds of hits per day and our leads from the website have gone up to at least one solid enquiry per day. Happy with that but will keep working on it as it would be good to be geting online bookings as a standard each day…what shall I aim for, 5 bookings per day…done!

Let us know of any ideas you have

All the best

Meg, salon Owner

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Getting on top of team management

The word on the street is that some salons are finding it a bit tough at the moment so we have decided to help our beloved industry out. Most salon owners know that the key to a profitable business is happy, well trained staff. Loosing team members can be an expensive and business destroying occurance. So this month our special offer is based around Team Management and Training.

Knowing how to effectively manage staff comes down to your ability to comminicate professionally in a way that keeps everyone on side whilst still getting the message across. Regular meetings and structured forums where team and management can feel safe to express their concerns and requests is a vital element in salon management.

Also having set ways in which you deal with breaches and behaviour codes is important as it provides team members with a clear guide as to what you expect and written consequences so there can be no excuses for misunderstandings.

If you are finding yourself at the whim of your team, or are constantly putting out team fires, then The One Stop Salon Business Shop has just the product you need and this month it is just $79.95! That’s $20 savings, and lets face it, that’s sorting our your team management for the price of a haircut. You have to agree it’s worth it.

The Team Management Pack not only gives you detailed info on hiring the right team members but also includes interview sheets with all the questions you need to ask. It covers how to structure your staff communication, how to hold professional quarterly staff reviews and how to manage warnings and firing procedures professionally in order to avoid getting yourself in hot water.

This module has long been one of our favourites and is a step by step guide to managing your team effectively, including induction and training ideas. It comes with all the forms you need to implement the changes. This module links in closely with our Position Descriptions module. Just order and download today!

For more great team building tips check out our article on the 12 C’s of Team Building in our free information corner on the website

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